menjadi orang penting itu baik, tetapi lebih penting menjadi orang baik..

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.. :)
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Thought via Path

The important moments shouldn’t be wasted, because you can’t get them back.. – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

Semoga kita tidak termasuk kaum yang gemar mengolok-olok..

*note to myself* – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

A lot young people have an education. Often it is the education that disables them from doing they know so much that they don’t even know where to start.. – Read on Path.

daripada “mendidih” dengan menumpahkan komentar negatif terhadap “artis KRL” yang ramai baru2 ini.. lebih baik mendorong kampanye etiket yang keren ini dengan semangat positif.. :) 
Karena hidup kita cuma sekali dan ga akan terulang kembali.. with Xeldenna – View on Path.
Today wisdom.. with Nurul – View on Path.

Thought via Path

Those who seek enlightenment must be careful of each of their steps. No matter how high one’s aspiration may be, it must be attained step by step.. – Read on Path.

Wakakaka.. kocak sumfeeh.. :)))) with Irawan – View on Path.
Relationsheep :))) with Ibrahim – View on Path.